Frequently Asked Questions

We have system of fraud prevention and risk management in the core of PBT platform which reduces the probability of fraudulent action. However, if you think any activity is suspicious, then you can take appropriate measures with the help of back-office. You can set limits or limit the acceptance of rates for individual markets and events.
If you need to implement external software, please contact us. We will provide you with all relevant technical documentation. Our technical specialists are ready to provide assistance in extension of your service variety.
Bookie business brand recognition is necessary in iGaming industry tough competition. That is why exceptional design for clients is one of our primary goals. Tell us about your visual preferences and we will make them real.
There is a complete real-time accounting of all cash flows in our platform, containing information about all accepted bets and paid wins. Accounting for transactions occurs separately for each business unit, which allows to evaluate the perfomance of any particular element of your business.
It is not only possible, but often necessary! Constant development is crucial when facing challenges of such a competitive industry as betting, that’s why we are open to any ideas regarding the addition of new demanded features and non-trivial solutions. Contact us and we will find the way to make your business front-rank.